PHOTOS: David Tennant In School Reunion #ThrowbackThursday

Today's #ThrowbackThursday post is a collection of promotional images from the 2006 Doctor Who episode, School Reunion.

The Doctor investigates a London school which is haunted by bat-like creatures.The Doctor finds his old friend already working undercover and both have old scores to settle. Rose discovers the true legacy of being a Time Lord's companion. 

Sarah Jane Smith returns to the Doctor's life in this episode. Sarah meets the Doctor when she turns up at Deffry Vale High to investigate the sinister Headmaster and finds the Doctor is already working there as a teacher and his latest companion Rose is impersonating a dinner lady!
Sarah reveals to the Doctor that she has waited years for him to return for her, she has never married nor had children, and you wonder if her life has been totally altered by her previous travels by him. 
She also tells him that she assumed he was dead, but began to wonder if he was still alive after she witnessed the Sycorax spaceship hovering over London (The Christmas Invasion).
Meeting Sarah Jane gives Rose food for thought and causes her to contemplate her own life with the Doctor and more importantly after the Doctor.
Sarah Jane is one of the longest serving companions that the Doctor has had.
She first met the Doctor when she was a young journalist investigating the disappearance of scientists in the 1973 episode "The Time Warrior".
Sarah Jane meets up with the Tenth Doctor again in The Stolen Earth, Journey's End, The End Of Time Part II and the Sarah Janes Adventures episode The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith.

With Sarah comes her loyal friend K-9, a robot dog, who had previously travelled with the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane.
The K-9 that the Tenth Doctor meets is K-9 Mark III, after K-9 bravely sacrifices himself to save The Doctor and Sarah, the Doctor gives Sarah a K-9 Mark IV, as a parting gift.
The Doctor also takes Sarah's advice and asks Rose's boyfriend Mickey Smith to travel with himself and Rose in the TARDIS.

The success of this episode, School Reunion, secured a spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures which was produced by BBC Wales for CBBC and ran until the sad passing of Sarah Jane actress Elisabeth Sladen in 2011.