PHOTOS: David Tennant In LA Without A Map #ThrowbackThursday

This week's Throwback Thursday revisits David Tennant's first ever leading role in a feature film, the 1998 romantic comedy LA Without A Map.

Mika Kaurismaki directed this British-French-Finnish romantic comedy adapted from Richard Rayner's autobiographical novel about a series of Hollywood misadventures. The film was shot on location in California and Bradford in northern England.

LA Without A Map
Vacationing in the North of England, aspiring Los Angeles actress Barbara (Vinessa Shaw) stops briefly in a village where she meets town undertaker and obituary writer Richard (David Tennant) -- who just can't stop thinking about her. Flying to California, Richard arrives at the Japanese restaurant where Barbara is a waitress, and a relationship begins -- while Richard learns about Hollywood at the hands of various hustlers and agents.

The film was David’s first time shooting in the USA and he got to experience the superstar life style – hanging out with co-star Johnny Depp at the Viper Room, for instance -  and he found it quite different from working on UK productions.

"Everyone is so wired up and slightly artificial the whole time," he said at the time."There are some lovely people, but it's quite hard just to be normal. It's such a culture shock. I think that would drive me mad after a while. If I was going to live there, I'd need to have some really good pals that you could just go and hang out with and just be normal.”

He added, "They do look after actors terrifically well in LA - almost too well. The big trailers and all that kind of business are the norm. And you get followed about with these chairs everywhere you go. You think, `Please don't follow me about, it's very embarrassing. If I want to sit down I can sort myself out'. But they're adamant about it. They're like, `I have gotta do this, this is my job. If I don't follow you with this chair, I am out of here'. It's terrible."

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