Kate Racculia, Writer: "I Did Write A Character With David Tennant In Mind"

Author Kate Racculia has admitted that one of the characters in her new novel Bellweather Rhapsody is based on David Tennant. Boston-based Kate confessed in an interview on the Dead Darliings website was responding to a question about a character named Tennant in her first novel, This Must Be The Place. She said:
"The substitute teacher and boardinghouse tenant Ben Tennant in Place does share his last name, though I confess I named him strictly for the pun. In Bellweather, I did write a character with David Tennant in mind: mad orchestra conductor Fisher Brodie. Brodie is a Scot and a former child prodigy, a violently repressed romantic and pianist whose career ended when he lost three fingers. He’s Scottish because I truly believe the Scottish accent is the most musical in the world, because the novel is set in 1997, when Braveheart andTrainspotting were having a moment, and because, when they make the movie (dream big, Kate), David Tennant can use his real accent. In all seriousness, David Tennant is a phenomenal actor; he can play sort of arrogantly intense and crazy magnetic at the same time, and I created the character of Fisher around that energy."

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Bellweather Rhapsody, Kate's second novel, will be available in bookstores from May 13th.

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