ITV 'Have First Refusal' To Screen Gracepoint In The UK

UK TV execs have been attending the LA Screenings over the last week to take a closer look at some of the new shows introduced by US TV networks during their Upfront presentations. The screenings give the opportunity for new deals to be struck so that US programming can be aired in the UK, and in other territories too.

Among the 35 dramas screened for buyers in LA last week was FOX TV's Gracepoint, the American remake of Broadchurch, which has naturally attracted much British interest, largely because David Tennant will reprise his role as the lead detective investigating the murder of a young boy. The ten part drama also shares writer Chris Chibnall and directors James Strong and Euros Lyn with the original production. Gracepoint sees the murder mystery transferred to a sleepy Californian coastal town and will also explore the impact of the shocking death on the immediate family and the wider community. 

ITV, who originally commissioned Broadchurch, appear to be the network most likely to pick up its American counterpart, possibly to air on one of its cable and satellite channels.

Broadcast Now report:

Gracepoint: The Broadchurch Effect
The wider influence of Broadchurch has certainly spread to the US. There were a large number of Brits at Shine International’s screening of Gracepoint, its US remake for Fox, which has also been written by Chris Chibnall. ITV is understood to have first refusal on the show and director of television channels and online Peter Fincham was due in town for the Screenings. While the broadcaster is unlikely to acquire the series for its main channel, it may pick up the rights for a digital station. If not, a number of pay-TV networks and OTT services could snap up the show.

Gracepoint will premiere on Fox in September or October on Thursday nights as part of the Fall 2014 season. The drama also stars Anna Gunn, Kevin Zegers, Nick Nolte and Jacki Weaver.

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Source: Broadcast Now