INTERVIEW - David Tennant On Accents: "I'm Starting To Sound Too Canadian"

David Tennant has spoken to local Victoria newspaper Times Colonist about filming Gracepoint on Vancouver Island, his American accent and being recognised outside the UK.

David is coming close to the end of the shoot of Gracepoint. The ten-part American series is closely based on Broadchurch and his character, Emmett Carver, reprises his original role of DI Alec Hardy. The drama has been shooting on location in the greater Victoria area since January. David will be using an American accent for the production and is working with a dialect coach. He admitted he has lately had a few hitches.

“My dialect coach is giving me notes saying I’m starting to sound too Canadian. I’m not sounding Scottish on set anymore. I’m told some of my ‘abouts’ and ‘beens’ are all going a bit wrong,” he told interviewer Michael D. Reid. 

He's also been astonished at the reaction of local fans. He said,
“I’m not as anonymous as I thought I’d be. I thought, ‘Whenever I get out of Britain, OK, I can take my hat off.’ But it hasn’t really happened in Victoria, which, of course, in some ways is very flattering and nice. But it can perhaps be a bit impractical when you’re collecting your dry-cleaning.” 

Vancouver Island has been similar to the UK in some ways though. He explains, “It’s quite a British climate here. The fact you’ll have a beautiful day followed by [gathering clouds] is not something I’m a stranger to.”

To find out what other cast members had to say about the shoot click here.

Gracepoint  is due to première on FOX TV as part of the 2014-15 season. The schedule will be announced during the TV Upfronts on Monday 15th May.

Gracepoint follows the impact of the murder of a young boy, Danny Solano, on a sleepy Californian coastal community. As the investigation into the crime progresses, the town comes under increasing media scrutiny and the dark secrets of its residents start to bubble to the surface. The ensemble cast also includes Anna Gunn, Sarah-Jane Potts, Kevin Zegers, Kevin Rankin and Nick Nolte.


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