Humble Bundle And IDW Present A Pay-What-You-Want Doctor Who Comics Bundle

IDW and Humble Bundle have joined forces to launch an officially licenced Doctor Who comics bundle this week. This incredible offer lets you get your hands on some amazing comics ... at a price that you choose to pay!

The Humble Doctor Who Comic Bundle features 14 collections of graphic novel storytelling – that’s over 60 brilliant issues - allowing you to travel with The Doctor as he adventures through all of space and time. The bundles include Fugitive, Tesseract, and Final Sacrifice featuring the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, and Doctor Who: Series 2 Vols. 1-4, featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith.

And best of all, YOU get to decide what to pay for your chosen collection. Purchased separately, these comic books would cost more than $70, but you get to set the price. Whatever you pay goes to charity: you can choose for your money to go to either Doctors Without Borders or The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

And as an added bonus, Humble Bundle are throwing in the Android-based puzzle game Doctor Who: Legacy, including 10 pre-unlocked Doctors, for free.

There's even a couple of bonus offers:
  • Beat the average price and receive four more volumes, including The Hypothetical Gentleman, The Eye of Ashaya, Sky Jacks!, and Dead Man’s Hand, featuring Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor
  • Pay $15 or more and you’ll also receive the 3 volume 50th Anniversary series The Prisoners of Time, a 12-issue story featuring all 11 past Doctors, along with The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who - a meta-story in which the 11th Doctor travels to the present day to discover an actor, Matt Smith, playing him in a TV show.

Visit the Humble Bundle site for more information and to place your order.

The issues are DRM-free and compatible with computers, ebook readers and mobile devices. Instructions and a list of recommended reading programmes can be found here.

The Humble Doctor Who Comic Bundle is a time-limited offer ending in two weeks time.