GERMANY: The Escape Artist Continues On RTL Crime Tonight

The second episode of The Escape Artist (German title: Der Anwalt des Teufels) airs on RTL Crime in Germany tonight, giving audiences a second opportunity to catch the BBC One legal thriller starring David Tennant. The series originally aired on VOX. David plays Will Burton, a gifted criminal defence lawyer whose life is turned upside-down when he takes on the case of Liam Foyle, the accused in a brutal murder case. The series is the creation of David Wolstencroft (Spooks).

The Escape Artist (Der Anwalt des Teufels)
Folge 2
20.15, RTL Crime
Burton befürchtet das Schlimmste: Liam Foyle, der Mörder seiner Frau, hat eine brilliante und ehrgeizige Verteidigerin.
 Auch mit Toby Kebbell, Sophie Okonedo und Tony Gardner

08. Mai - 10.40
09. Mai - 13.45
10. Mai - 23.15

The Escape Artist  
Episode 2
20:15, RTL Crime
Burton fears the worst: Liam Foyle, his wife’s killer, has a brilliant and ambitious defence barrister.
Also starring Toby Kebbell, Sophie Okonedo and Tony Gardner

8th May - 10:40
9th May - 13:45
10th May - 23:15