Entertainment Weekly On Good Reasons To Watch Gracepoint

Entertainment Weekly have passed their judgement on the key new shows making up Fox's Fall TV line up which was unveiled yesterday at the 2014/15 Upfront presentation. One of these is Gracepoint, the ten part reworking of the acclaimed UK drama series Broadchurch, which will be airing on Thursday nights.

Read what they have to say here:

Why did Fox need to make an American version of Broadchurch, the fantastic U.K. whodunnit that ranked pretty high on my Best New Shows of 2013? Why wouldn’t people just watch the original instead? Both versions star David Tennant as a detective who moves to a small seaside town to solve the murder of a young boy. Both versions feature the work of James Strong, who directed multiple episodes of the original and of the Fox version, including the opening hour. It’s not like we need someone to translate British into English for us. (Though Tennant does switch from a Scottish accent to an American one, just in case you can’t understand him.) And yet, there’s one really compelling reason to watch Gracepoint: This might be the best cast anywhere in the fall 2014 lineup. The role of local detective Ellie Miller, made iconic in the U.K. by the great Olivia Coleman, has been reimagined by Anna Gunn in her first leading role since Breaking Bad — and judging by the trailer, her talent for door-kicking is almost as impressive as her acting. Nick Nolte is perfectly cast as a crusty, semi-confused old man. (Is he even acting?) And Jacki Weaver ramps up the mystery as a darting-eyed woman who lives in an RV. Also, if you’ve never seen the original, rest assured: You’ll know who did it by the end of the 10th and final episode. And, no, it wasn’t “the British.”

Melissa Maerz

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