Counterfeit Doctor Who Signatures Feature On Fake Britain

This morning, BBC One TV series Fake Britain ran a feature warning about the sad phenomenon of con artists exploiting autograph collectors by supplying fake signatures. The feature focused on the Doctor Who fandom, and in particular the case built around one online vendor who was recently awarded a 21 month custodial sentence after one of the biggest ever hauls of fake autographs was recovered from his home.

The vendor had supplied autographs that he claimed to be from major stars of Doctor Who, including David Tennant, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston, as well as the 'signatures' of other celebrities. BBC Worldwide and an expert in autograph cases were among those involved in proving that the items were fake.

The show approached two classic Doctors for their reaction on the case.
"It's just appalling. It's theft!" said Sylvester McCoy, while Colin Baker added, "It's really sad to prey on fandom, which is people celebrating something."

The programme also featured footage of David Tennant signing autographs at the Barbican stage door following a performance of Richard II

UK viewers can catch up here: the 10 minute feature begins just after 8 minutes in.