Billie Piper: "I've Never Been Scared Of Daleks!"

Doctor Who actress Billie Piper has revealed that she's never been frightened of the show's most iconic enemy the Daleks.
Speaking at the UK premiere of her new show Penny Dreadful Billie, who co starred alongside David Tennant's Doctor as his companion Rose, pondered upon some of the scary scenes she's taken part in as an actress saying "I've never been scared by the Daleks myself." 
In fact Penny Dreadful is far scarier according to Billie:
"As much as Penny Dreadful has all these supernatural elements like Doctor Who I think it's largely about mortality," said Piper, adding: "It's about lots of people existing on the outskirts of society and becoming one and living with demons and darkness - and I think all of that is pretty scary. Far scarier than a Dalek!"

Penny Dreadful begins on Tuesday 20th May at 9pm on Sky Atlantic