AUDIO: Download The Arkangel Shakespeare Recording Of Henry VI Starring David Tennant

All three parts of the Arkangel Shakespeare recordings of Henry VI starring David Tennant as the King are now available as MP3 downloads. 

The recordings were made as part of a massive undertaking to produce a series of unabridged dramatised productions of all 38 of Shakespeare's plays which began in 1998. Almost 400 actors, nearly all past or present members of the Royal Shakespeare Company, were involved across all of the productions. The cast of the three parts of Henry VI also includes John Bowe, Kelly Hunter and David Troughton. Henry VI parts 1-3 were produced by Bill Shepherd and Tom Treadwell and directed by Clive Brill.

Henry VI: Part 1
The all-conquering King Henry V is dead and the throne is occupied by his infant son, Henry VI. The good Duke Humphrey of Gloucester has been appointed protector, but a struggle for power soon develops between the young king's Lancastrian relatives and the powerful house of York under Richard Plantagenet. Meanwhile the French, led by Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans, threaten to win back the territories lost to Henry V

Henry VI: Part 2
Young King Henry VI has married the beautiful Margaret of Anjou but the new queen is ruthless and ambitious. Supported by the powerful Duke of Suffolk, Margaret plots the overthrow of her enemies, chief among them the Duke of Gloucester. But the Duke of York also aspires to the crown, and the common people, led by Jack Cade, are in rebellion. To the despair of the mild young king, England descends into civil war.

Henry VI: Part 3
The Yorkists have been temporarily victorious and the Duke of York has assumed the throne, but the Lancastrians, led by Queen Margaret, counter-attack. As the fortunes of war shift, both the innocent and the guilty are swept up in the maelstrom. And increasingly dominant amid the chaos is the sinister figure of the crook-backed Richard, Duke of Gloucester.