VOTE: Choose Your All Time Favourite Sci-Fi And Fantasy Moments

SFX are asking readers to help shape the ultimate countdown of classic sci-fi and fantasy moments which will feature in their landmark 250th issue.

They're inviting your votes now from a carefully selected list of iconic scenes from TV, film, books and comics: all you have to do is choose your 10 favourites from the list that includes Star Wars, Blade Runner, Harry Potter, Judge Dredd, X-Men, Planet Of The Apes and many, many more.

Doctor Who, of course, features heavily, with scenes from both the classic and modern era. David Tennant fans will be happy to learn that there are three tenth Doctor moments to choose from: 
  • DOCTOR WHO Professor Yana is revealed as the Master in "Utopia"
  • DOCTOR WHO The Doctor and Rose say farewell at Bad Wolf Bay in "Doomsday"
  • DOCTOR WHO The Weeping Angels surround the TARDIS in "Blink"

The poll closes on Wednesday 30th April and the 250th edition of SFX will be published on Wednesday 25th June.