VIDEO: Postman Pat The Movie Preview Clip Via Digital Spy

Digital Spy have posted an exclusive preview clip from the new animated feature film Postman Pat: The Move, due for general release in the UK on May 23rd.

The clip sees the popular children's TV character, voiced by Stephen Mangan, attempting a postal delivery with the help of his faithful black and white cat, Jess.

In the 3D CG movie, Greendale's beloved postman enters the world of TV talent competitions to discover that he has an amazing singing voice (provided by Ronan Keating). David Tennant, Rupert Grint and Jim Broadbent also feature in the voice cast. 

Stephen Mangan spoke about Pat's journey through the film at last night's BAFTA nominations party. he said,
"A movie is not a little five or ten-minute cartoon. It's an hour and a half - you want your character to go on an emotional journey.
"Pat is probably the nicest fictional cartoon character ever invented. It's quite hard. What do you do with such a nice guy? So he's taken to an area a bit darker - he's slightly dazzled by fame and the prospect of a bit of glamour and it drives a wedge between him and, not only his wife and his son, but his cat."

However, he had to make sure that Pat was not too different from the familiar incarnation that children see on their TV screens. "I think children would be sitting there with their mouths open in horror if Pat sounded radically different from what he normally does," he said. "It's sort of half me, half the way he normally sounds. Hopefully I'm close enough not to upset the kids."

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