USA: The Real History Of Science Fiction Episode 2 Premieres Tonight

The second episode of the new documentary seies The Real History of Science Fiction has its première tonight on BBC America at 10pm/9c. The four part series takes a close look at the development and culture of sci-fi with contributions from some of the biggest names in acting, writing, producing and directing associated with the genre. The series is a co-production between BBC America and BBC Two and is narrated by Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss.

David Tennant is one of the contributors to the show and his main segments are scheduled to  feature in episodes 3 and 4; however he was glimpsed briefly in episode 1

The Real History Of Science Fiction
Episode 2: Space
BBC America 10pm/9c Saturday 26th April
What if we could explore the vastness of Space? Science fiction has always fed upon our need to explore – to wonder what is out there. Space journeys from Jules Verne’s earliest ideas about attempts to leave our planet, to the Star Wars far away galaxy through to Nichelle Nichols revealing how her groundbreaking role as Lt. Uhura in Star Trek led to her participation in the recruitment of NASA’s astronauts. It explores the deep sea inspiration for Avatar, finds out why Ursula K Le Guin wrote The Left Hand of Darkness and discovers how Stanley Kubrick was able to make 2001: A Space Odyssey seem so believable. In addition, the program looks at the way Dune and The Mars Trilogy embraced the challenge of world building and discusses the appeal of the beaten up ‘dirty space’ of Dark Star and Firefly. From the horrifying scenes of Alien, to the epic spectacle of Star Wars, this is a journey to the stars and the alien encounters that await us there.

The episode is repeated early on Sunday at 1am/12c and 7pm/6c
Episode 1 - Robots - is repeated tomorrow at 6pm/5c

The Real History Of Science Fiction will be shown on BBC Two later this year

Find out more about the series on the BBC America dedicated microsite