USA & CANADA RELEASE: Kinect Sports Rivals With David Tennant Released Today

David Tennant has voiced the Avatar Creator for the new Xbox One release Kinect Sports Rivals which is released in the USA and Canada today.

The new release from Rare showcases the Kinect sensor, which in its new and improved form scans body and face details to create a unique and very personal Champion for the game. Players are able to personalise their avatar further by choosing hair colour and style, eye colour and skin tone. The scanning and creation process takes between 4 - 5 minutes and David walks players through the steps to create the in-game you.

The game includes six sports: updated soccer, bowling and tennis are joined by new challenges of rock climbing, shooting and wake racing. The improved and more accurate Kinect sensor is said to have advanced play and player control immensely, bringing motion sports games into a new era.

Watch the Champion creation video narrated by David here:

Watch a behind the scenes chat with David here:

Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox will also be released on April 11th in the UK.

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