UK / IRELAND: Watch The Minor Character On The Sky First Episodes YouTube Channel

The 2012 drama The Minor Character starring David Tennant is now available to view in its entirity via the Sky First Episodes YouTube channel. Launched two months ago, the service gives viewers in the UK an Ireland another chance to see the best first episodes and first scenes from your favourite Sky shows.

The Minor Character was the first in the Sky Arts series Playhouse Presents; a selection of 30 minute dramas showcasing the best of British talent, both in front of and behind the camera. David Tennant stars as Will in the episode which was adapted by writer Will Self from his own short story. 

The Minor Character
Will is an artist who observes life in minute detail. His dry commentary ranges from witty engagement to a casual, erosive critique of his social set. Over a series of dinners, drinks, and parties, we witness the shifting sands of friendship, marriage, love and lust, and the complexity and corruptness of London circles through Will's eyes. As the clock turns, dreams shatter, relationships ruined, misfortune strikes and we, the spectators, are overwhelmed by the randomness and absurdity of life.

But, when a friend of the group dies, Will is shocked by the group's reaction, and bitterly realises that all is not as it seems. That, despite years of friendship, they are all simply minor characters in each others' lives.

Other featured titles include episodes of Karl Pilkington's The Moaning Of Life and panel show Duck Quacks Don't Echo and first scenes from Moone Boy and The Tunnel

A new series of Playhouse Presents begins on Sky Arts in May.