RADIO: Radio 4 Extra To Repeat Mansfield Park Starring David Tennant And Benedict Cumberbatch

To celebrate 200 years since the publication of Jane Austin's novel Mansfield Park, BBC Radio 4 Extra will be giving their listeners a rare opportunity to listen again to the 2003 adaptation of the classic, with an all-star cast featuring David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Mansfield Park centres on Fanny Price, one of nine children born to a family in financial difficulties who is sent to be raised by her wealthy aunt and uncle. David and Benedict play brothers Tom and Edmund, sons of Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram, and cousins to Fanny. Of the two, Tom is the profligate gambler and character of ill-repute, but it is towards the gentle and kind Edmund that Fanny is drawn and with whom she forms a romantic attachment. Fanny struggles to be the social equal of her adoptive family and those in their circle, however, she is the moral centre of the story.

The 2003 adaptation of Mansfield Park was directed by Sally Avens and originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the Woman's Hour Drama slot

Felicity Jones - Fanny Price
Tim Pigott-Smith - Sir Thomas Bertram
Liza Sadovy - Lady Bertram
David Tennant - Tom
Benedict Cumberbatch - Edmund
Kate Fleetwood - Maria
Julia McKenzie - Mrs. Norris
Toby Jones - Rushworth
James Callis - Henry
Susan Lynch - Mary

The ten episode dramatisation of Mansfield Park can be heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra beginning on Monday 12th May at 2.00pm BST and continuing at the same time every weekday for two weeks.

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Overseas listeners can hear the production at this link