Fry's Planet Word With David Tennant Now Available On Netflix UK

Fry's Planet Word featuring David Tennant is now available on Netflix in the UK.
The episode, The Power And The Glory, first aired on BBC Two in October 2011 and shows David and Stephen Fry discussing William Shakespeare and Hamlet..

About the episode:
Storytelling has been around as long as language itself. From Homer's epic The Odyssey to Joyce's modern reinvention of it in Ulysses, taking in Shakespeare, Wodehouse, Tolkien, Orwell, Auden, Bob Dylan and even the mangled web of words that has become known as Birtspeak, Stephen uncovers why certain words can make people laugh, while others make them cry or tear their hair out.
Talking to storytellers such as screenwriter William Goldman and Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson, he looks at how character and plot are interwoven and how any rulebook on how to create the perfect story is doomed.
Shakespearean actors Simon Russell Beale, David Tennant, Brian Blessed and Mark Rylance give their take on Hamlet and the Bard. Sir Christopher Ricks argues that Bob Dylan should be considered as great a poet as any other, while Richard Curtis explains why Auden can move people to tears – and why, in the modern world, a rock lyric can do so as easily.

Watch Fry's Planet Word: The Power And The Glory here (Requires Netflix subscription)