Billie Piper Wouldn't Say No To Metacrisis Doctor Spin Off

Doctor Who actress Billie Piper has revealed that she wouldn't say no to a spin off series featuring her character Rose Tyler and David Tennant's Metacrisis Doctor. Telling a fan at the recent Awesome Con 
“That would be interesting. I’d be game!” 

She also spoke about her return to the show in The Day Of The Doctor to celebrate the 50th Anniversary and how the lack of reunion for Rose and The Tenth Doctor in the episode had upset some fans - Billie was seen as The Moment and not as Rose Tyler..
“I’ve heard a lot of that, ‘Why couldn’t you just be Rose and actually see him and be with him?’”

“I think to come back and do something slightly different was welcome for me because I’d come back so many times that even though I loved Rose I thought it probably needed a bit of a shift. And that’s what Steven Moffat wanted, he brought something very different.”

“It’s good to watch it and wish that they could somehow connect in the way they used to instead of being totally satisfied. I really enjoyed playing it because I could be a bit mad and a bit strange."

Billie also admitted she found the plot of the episode quite difficult to understand to begin with.

“It was quite a confusing episode I thought. When I read the script I was like ‘what?!’ I got it in the end with the help of David though.”

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