BAFTA: Barry Norman On Why You Should Vote Broadchurch

Legendary critic Barry Norman is championing ITV crime drama Broadchurch in the Radio Times Audience Award in the 2014 BAFTAs. The award is the only one that can be directly influenced by the public.

Barry Norman on Broadchurch

What made Broadchurch a cut above other dramas?
I was particularly impressed by the strength of the acting, especially by Olivia Colman and David Tennant, and Chris Chibnall’s script. The whole thing was refreshingly different from the run-of-the-mill police procedurals with which we are all too familiar.

Did you have a favourite performance?
Obviously the two stars held the series together impeccably. But I also approved very much of the setting – the Dorset coast – and the way the minor characters were developed.

Did you guess who killed Danny Latimer?

No, I didn’t guess who the murderer was. One of the subtleties of the script was that it kept you on the wrong foot all the time.

The other shows shortlisted for the audience award are Breaking Bad, Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor, Educating Yorkshire, Gogglebox and The Great British Bake Off.
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Broadchurch received three nominations in this year’s BAFTA shortlist. Olivia Colman was shortlisted as Leading Actress for her role as local detective Ellie Miller. David Bradley was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role as newagent Jack Marshall and Broadchurch itself was nominated in the Drama Series category.

Mike Mulvihill of The Times, one of the shortlist judges,commented:
“It was destination television every Monday night, keeping you gripped and guessing all the way to the end, and the denouement was satisfying, which is extremely rare in TV thrillers.”Mike Mulvihill, The Times.

Source: Radio Times