VIDEO: Chris Chibnall And Olivia Colman On Broadchurch And Broadchurch 2

Chris Chibnall and Olivia Colman were interviewed by Red Carpet News after their wins at the 2014 Broadcasting Press Guild Awards on Friday. The ITV series picked up the Best Drama Series award, with Olivia and Chris winning Best Actress and Best Writer respectively.

Chris Chibnall spoke to Russell Nelson about Broadchurch, Broadchurch 2 and the American remake Gracepoint by Fox, also starring David Tennant.

On the secret of the success of Broadchurch he said,
"Great actors, great landscape, really great direction, great music. It was a lovely team effort. We had a good time making it. The cast is everything. The quality and depth of our acting ensemble is a gift to any writer."

Gracepoint is currently mid-shoot on Vancouver Island, Canada. On David Tennant's casting in the role of Emmett Carver, the US equivalent of Alec Hardy, he said,
"It was just a collision of circumstances that ended up that way. He would have been on the list anyway, so it just seemed the right decision at the time." 
He added: "But there’s an amazing ensemble out there and lots of new faces. It’ll be really interesting to see how that all comes together. I’m not involved across the whole season, I’m an exec across it, but there’s two very good showrunners – Anya Epstein and Dan Futterman – who are taking care of that over there."

Chris is also currently writing the second series of Broadchurch for ITV. 
"Hopefully we’ll be giving [the ITV audience] another story that they’re intrigued by and surprised by," he said. "I’ve got the story I want to tell, I’ve had that all along, so my job is to tell that as well as I can...The people I trust who we worked together on the first Broadchurch, the people I told the story to for the second Broadchurch, they’ve responded well and I trust their judgement, so we’re just going to try and do it as well as we can.
"We’ve got some surprises up our sleeve already going forward. We’re working very hard at doing Broadchurch 2 and I hope we’ve got some treats in store."

And as for the big question of who might be returning to the show: "That is the big question. I don’t have the answer for you today I’m afraid. Sorry."

Watch the full interview here

Olivia Colman also spoke about filming the first series of Broadchurch with an amazing cast

“David’s an angel, it was lovely," she said. "And Jodie and Andy...I just loved everybody. We had a lovely time."

However, she was more coy about whether or not her character Ellie Miller would return
"The official line is ‘I don’t know’," she teased.

Watch Olivia's interview with Russell Nelson here

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