UK: Preview Clips And Synopsis OF W1A Episode 3

The BBC have posted a synopsis for episode 3 of new comedy W1A, starring Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes and narrated by David Tennant. The four part series follows the continuing fortunes of Twenty Twelve characters Ian Fletcher and Siobhan Sharpe in their new roles at the BBC.

W1A: Episode 3
Wednesday 2nd April
9.00pm BST, BBC Two
A month into his job as head of values and Ian Fletcher is still trying to find somewhere to sit. But there are more important issues to get to grips with - not least the director general's desire to shape the debate as to what the BBC is really for.
Anna Rampton already knows what it's for and, in a thinly veiled move to further her own career, advocates moving Songs of Praise to radio, thus freeing up a prime slot for her own series, Britain's Tastiest Village.
The debate about the future of the BBC is not helped when Ian Fletcher's salary comes under intense scrutiny in the press - why should the BBC's head of values be paid more than the prime minister?
Neil Reid, current controller of current affairs, is having to deal with the fallout from a blunder in BBC News coverage of the Syrian crisis when a photo of Trudi Styler was used instead of Asma Assad. Intern Will Humphries is given something important to do by the object of his desire, Izzy - a task he is keen to get right. And producer Lucy Freeman goes in to pitch Home Truth, a script she's been developing over several years with writer Dan Shepherd.
But it's Siobhan Sharpe and her team at Perfect Curve that find themselves with the biggest challenge when they are asked to refresh the BBC logo and come to the conclusion that the problem with the current logo is that it has too many letters.

The BBC have also released two preview clips from episode 3 (may be viewable in the UK only). The first joins the Perfect Curve team as they attempt to rebrand the BBC logo

In the second clip, Ian and the Way Ahead team attempt to sum up the essence of the BBC in one word