David Tennant: "Lovely, Very Unimposing And Dapper" Say Oak Bay Locals

Two months into the Gracepoint shoot, local newspaper the Times Colonist has published a piece on the impact of the production on the local community. It focuses on the village of Oak Bay on Vancouver Island, BC, which will double for the fictional Californian town of Gracepoint, scene of the shocking murder around which the drama centres.

Locals have had to put up with sporadic periods of disruption as the shoot moves around to various locations, including Oak Bay Avenue, Oaks Restaurant and at a number of private houses.

“I feel, as a business owner, they’re bringing a lot of awareness to the village,” said Bobb Hamilton, director of Red Art Gallery on Oak Bay Avenue.

Mayor Nils Jensen added, “It’s because of the nature of the organization we’re dealing with. They’re highly professional and experienced. Most of those who have had complaints have been very well dealt with.” 

David Tennant, who plays lead investigator Detective Emmett Carver, has also caused a stir. Staff at a local bakery-deli described him as sweet, while another account describes him playing with the swords and shields with the workers of Timeless Toys. “He was lovely, very unimposing and dapper,” they said.

It seems that the good feeling extends in both directions. Carolyn G. Bernstein of Shine Television said, “I’ve worked on many different series throughout my career and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a community support a production in the manner that the people of [Greater Victoria] have thus far.” 

Gracepoint continues to shoot in the Greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island until late May and production has just begun on episodes five and six, helmed by Ali Selim and David Petrarca. The event series for FOX is an American adaptation of the award-winning UK series Broadchurch. David Tennant reprises his lead role, now an American detective and he is joined in the cast by Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte, Kevin Zegers and Michael Peña. The series is expected to premiere as part of the 2014-15 season.