AUSTRALIA: The Politician's Husband To Air As Part Of BBC First Initial Line Up

David Tennant's much praised political drama The Politician's Husband will make up part of the initial line up on new Australian channel BBC First. The channel will also air the Sky Arts series Playhouse Presents which includes David's one-off short The Minor Character.

The new premium drama and comedy channel BBC First was launched by BBC Worldwide in Sydney last night and will begin broadcasts on Foxtel in August. BBC Worldwide plans to fast track as many shows as possible to BBC First following their UK premières, and some will be exclusive to the channel for a period before being offered to terrestrial channels.The initial line up will also include The Musketeers, Burton And Taylor and Peaky Blinders with comedies Derek and Dead Boss. The channel will air BBC Worldwide programmes previously shown on ABC, with the exception of Doctor Who for which ABC retain their broadcast deal.

The Politician's Husband
The Politician's Husband is a drama exploring what happens in a political marriage when the wife becomes more successful than her husband.
David Tennant stars as Aiden Hoynes, a senior Cabinet Minister, who is happily married to Freya (Emily Watson), a junior Minister who has consistently put her own career ambitions on hold for the sake of Aiden's career and their family.
When Aiden's career path to the top echelons comes to an abrupt halt, the power balance within his marriage is irrevocably shifted as he witnesses his wife's political career soar.
In his desperation to cling to power, Aiden risks destroying everything he holds most dear.

The Minor Character
David Tennant stars as Will, an artist who observes life in minute detail. His dry commentary ranges from witty engagement to a casual erosive critique of his social set: the urban-suburban, middle-class landscape of his middle-aged friends. Over a series of dinners, drinks and parties, we witness the shifting sands of friendship, marriage, love and lust, and the complexity and corruptness of London circles through Will's eyes. The Minor Character is adapted from his own short story of the same name by Will Self.

Source: TV Tonight


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