USA: Watch The Quatermass Experiment Starring David Tennant On Hulu

The BBC Four remake of The Quatermass Experiment, broadcast in 2005, is now available for US viewers to watch via streaming service Hulu. The production was adapted by Richard Fell from the scripts of the original TV series by Nigel Kneale and was broadcast live, as it had been back in 1953, as part of the TV On Trial season. The cast included David Tennant, Mark Gatiss, and Indira Varma, with Jason Flemyng in the title role as Professor Quatermass and a brief appearance by Andrew Scott. It was during rehearsals for the broadcast that David Tennant revealed to co-star Mark Gatiss that he had been offered the role of the Tenth Doctor; his casting was formally announced two weeks later.

The Quatermass Experiment
An astronaut is infected by an alien pathogen during a space mission, of which he is the only survivor. Gradually he mutates into an hideous creature that absorbs the lifeforce of humans, and must be stopped by the space scientist who designed his spacecraft, and sent him to his doom, Professor Bernard Quatermass.

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Source: io9