USA: The Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection Launches This Spring

The official Doctor Who Figurine Collection launches in the USA in Spring 2014. The exclusive hand-painted figures, previously only available in the UK and Ireland, were specially created in celebration of 50 years of the show.

The Collection features classic characters from 50 years of Doctor Who, including the series’ greatest monsters, all 11 Doctors and the most important Daleks and Cybermen from every era! Every figure is accompanied by an in-depth magazine including a richly illustrated collector’s guide that provides all the essential information about your figurine and is filled with official photography supplied by the studio.

Subscribers to the series via the Collectors' Club will receive Issues 1 and 2, including figures of the Eleventh Doctor and Davros plus collectors' guides for just $14.95,with free shipping. Following that, issues and guides will be dispatched at the rate of two a month for $29.90 plus $3.90 shipping.

There's also some amazing Collectors' Club gifts, including seven exclusive Dalek figures.

For more information and to subscribe visit the Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection US site