The Science Of Doctor Who To Tour Australia

Ever wondered whether time travel to other dimensions is really possible? Then wonder no more, as The Science of Doctor Who announces an Australian tour in spring. A live stage event created by the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) in collaboration with BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand, the show explores the scientific mysteries highlighted in the iconic BBC TV series.

Using scenes from Doctor Who, a sense of adventure and a dose of fun, this informative event will look at time travel, regeneration, teleportation and just why the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. Hosted by comedian Rob Lloyd, it features eminent scientists – who also happen to be Doctor Who fans – exploring some of the amazing science-reality behind the fiction. Audiences also participate in the fun - just bring along a smartphone!

Tickets and dates
Tickets will go on sale from Tuesday 11 February, and the tour dates include:

Perth: 26 April
Brisbane: 10 May
Sydney: 23, 24, 25 May
Adelaide: 31 May
Melbourne: 13, 14, 15 June
RiAus Members and Doctor Who Club Australia Members qualify for priority bookings, visit the RiAus website for more information.

Scientists confirmed to attend are:

Dr Martin White, a particle astrophysicist at the University of Adelaide
Dr Allie Ford, a science communicator at Monash University
Dr Alan Duffy, an astrophysicist at the University of Melbourne
David Jennens, a physicist from the University of Melbourne working at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.
Helen Pendlebury, Head of Live Entertainment for BBC Worldwide ANZ comments: ‘2013 was a huge year for Doctor Who fans with the 50th anniversary celebrations. We’re excited to be working with RiAus in bringing this new interactive and educational live show to audiences around the country. We’re hoping fans will come away not only entertained but also informed by some of the scientific theories explored in Doctor Who storylines.’

RiAus Director, Dr Paul Willis said: ‘This will give everyone something to talk about for a very long time to come. As well as showcasing the famous Time Lord through clips of his memorable moments, it will also take a look at the aliens and monsters made famous by the series. The audience will learn some interesting science facts and learn what the fiction behind Doctor Who is all about’, he said. ‘RiAus is excited to be working with BBC Worldwide ANZ and looks forward to future collaborations.’

Thanks to BBC Worldwide