Stephen Mangan On The Darker Side Of Postman Pat

Stephen Mangan has been speaking out about the new Postman Pat movie in which he stars along with David Tennant and Rupert Grint. Stephen provides the speaking voice for the iconic kids' TV character Pat in the new film which follows the mild-mannered postie's foray into the world of TV talent shows. It turns out that the effects of fame are not all good on the best liked man in Greendale.

"What can I say about Postman Pat? One of the most iconic cartoon characters ever, and also one of the nicest,” Stephen said. "Being nice for an hour and a half is not that interesting, so we take Pat to the dark side. He gets seduced by the lure of fame and fortune. He even falls out with Jess. That's all I'm saying, don't tell the kids!"

Pat, it turns out, has an amazing singing voice, and the temptations of superstardom beckon. Boyzone star Ronan Keating provides the singing parts of the Pat role.

"I did offer to sing and they pretended they didn't hear me ask the question. I think I had a whole musical career, possibly, I could have embarked on, but cruelly cut short by the producers," Stephen joked.

He also revealed a little about the recording process: "I did all my lines in one go on my own in a booth. Lots of one side of an argument. 'What do you mean?' 'How can you say that?' 'Pardon?' I'm looking forward to how everyone else did it. 
"It's very unique as an acting experience. Normally the whole point is like a bit of a tennis match, you're doing something together.You rely on the director to have it all in their head and put the thousand-piece jigsaw together and make it not sound like lots of people who never met each other."

Stephen continued: "We've got David Tennant, Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent, It's a fantastic cast. I'm excited, I haven't seen it!"

Details of other cast roles have not yet been confirmed. Rupert Grint plays Josh, believed to be a rival boyband member. David Tennant said in a 2012 radio interview that he was playing a brand new character.

The 3D CGI animated Postman Pat: The Movie is written by Annika Bluhm, Kim Fuller and Nicole Dubuc and is directed by Mike Disa. The film will be released in the UK on Friday 23rd May.