PHOTO: First Official Set Picture Of David Tennant And Anna Gunn In Gracepoint

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly comes the first official on set picture of David Tennant and Anna Gunn on the set of Gracepoint, the Fox adaptation of the UK drama Broadchurch. The ten part event series is currently shooting on Vancouver Island, Canada and is expected to air as part of the 2014-15 season.

Entertainment Weekly: First Look
"It's so familiar yet completely new," says Tennant (Doctor Who) while taking a break from shooting Gracepoint, Fox's limited-series remake of the acclaimed British crime drama Broadchurch which will air next season. Starring opposite Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad), Tennant plays Det. Emmett Carver, a cop hunting for a boy's killer in a small town - essentially the same role he played in the U.K. version, only with an American accent. "It's a peculiar experience," he says of the Groundhog Day-like sensation of starring on the same show twice. "But I knew what an exciting story it was." Not changing: his ever-present stubble. Unkempt detectives, it seems, are fashionable worldwide. 

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