GRACEPOINT: Latest Casting Additions

Two new names have been added to the growing ensemble cast of Gracepoint. The FOX TV event series is adapted from the award winning UK series Broadchurch and stars David Tennant, reprising his role as the lead detective in the investigation into the mysterious death of a young boy in a close coastal community.

Ontario born actor Adam Greydon Reid will be taking on the role of Raymond Connelly. Adam's career ranges from appearances on the 1980s sketch show You Can't Do That On Television to more recent recurring roles in 6Teen and Continuum. The character is likely to be based on the Broadchurch equivalent of Steve Connelly, played by Will Mellor.

Another Canadian actor, Patrick Gilmore from Edmonton, takes on the role of Pete Lawson. Patrick has previously appeared in The Killing and Ring Of Fire. No details are given about the character, although in Broadchurch, Pete Lawson was the over-cheery tea and toast loving Police Family Liaison Officer, memorably portrayed by Marcus Garvey.

Gracepoint enters the third week of its shoot in various locations around Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC. The series, which also stars Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte and Kevin Zegers, is due to air as part of the 2014-15 season

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