Doctor Who Figurine Collection - David Tennant Era Mags Out Now

The two latest issues of  the Doctor Who Figurine Collection are out now and they both focus on the David Tennant era of the show.
Issue 12 comes with a replica of Ood Sigma from Planet of the Ood and Issue 13 comes with a replica of the Supreme Dalek from The Stolen Earth.
Every figurine is 1:21 scale, with an average height of 85mm. The magazine tells you all about your character and the history of Doctor Who.

You can buy Issue 12 from Forbidden Planet here and Issue 13 from Forbidden Planet here.
They are also available in WH Smith. 

Issues 16 and 18 of the magazine will also focus on the Tennant era, Issue 16 will  feature the Vashta Nerada from Silence In The Library. The issue will be released on 30th March and can be pre ordered from Forbidden Planet here.
Issue 18 will be about the Judoon from Smith And Jones and is released on 27th April that can be pre ordered from Forbidden Planet here.

See some photos below: