COMPETITION: Win Dolphins - Spy In The Pod On DVD

From John Downer Productions, the makers of Earthflight and Penguins: Spy In The Huddle, comes a new two-part project: Dolphins: Spy In The Pod, released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on Monday 17th February. Once again the programme makers employ an innovative range of spy cameras and filming techniques to gather unique close up footage of animals in their natural surroundings, including some sequences showing never-before-seen behaviours. Regular narrator David Tennant provides a wry and informative voiceover.

“Discover the intelligence of these fun-loving creatures and enter their lives as never before,” David Tennant urges at the beginning of the two-part series. Filmed over the course of a year, dolphins are tracked down to oceans around the world, in waters off the coasts of  Mozambique, Costa Rica, South Africa, the Florida Keys, British Columbia and Australia. A number of species feature in the show: the bottlenose, humpback and spinner dolphins and the largest dolphin of all, the fearsome orca, which readily preys upon its smaller cousins. The new filming environment, of course, requires a new line of spycams and this time they take the form of the dolphins’ fellow ocean dwellers. While the intelligent marine mammals may not be fooled by the likes of Spy Squid, Spy Nautilus, Spy Turtle, Spy Tuna and Spy Baby, their curiosity is certainly piqued enough to allow them to engage with the intruders and to tolerate their presence.  

The result is an enchanting two hours in which some fascinating dolphin behaviours are observed. We see the serious businesses of hunting as a team, of courtship, of skincare – we learn that dolphins shed their entire outer skin every three hours to stay streamlined – and devoted childcare. There is also the spectacular and extremely rare sight of a megapod: unique footage of over 3000 dolphins swimming together. But what makes the series such a delight is the many examples of dolphin play. The much loved animals surf in the African breakers, race supertankers, become intoxicated on pufferfish venom, wear sponges as hats and launch themselves skywards in great spinning leaps, apparently just for the joy of being a dolphin. The icing on the cake is the perfect soundtrack by Will Gregory of Goldfrapp.

The DVD and Blu-ray comprise of both hour-long episodes of the programme, with a photo gallery and subtitles.

To celebrate the home entertainment release of the series we have two DVD copies of Dolphins: Spy In The Pod up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning one, just answer this simple question:

Which of these is NOT a species of dolphin
A. Bottlenose
B. Spinner
C. Tuna

To enter, email your answer to along with your contact details before 12 noon on Friday 21st February.

UK entrants only, no cash or other equivalent. One entry per email account.

You can also pre-order Dolphins: Spy In The Pod here

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