VIDEO: Episode 2 Clip From Dolphins: Spy In The Pod Narrated By David Tennant

John Downer Productions have released a new preview clip from episode 2 of Dolphins: Spy In The Huddle. The new two-part wildlife documentary is the latest in the company's much loved 'Spy' series and uses a range of innovative and cunningly disguised spy cameras to capture never-before-seen footage of the beloved marine mammals in their natural environment. David Tennant narrates.

The new clip features extraordinary footage of bottlenose dolphins apparently passing a pufferfish around to enjoy the narcotic effects of its neurotoxin secretions.
"This is the first time," says David, "that apparent recreational drug use has been documented in dolphins."

Dolphins: Spy In The Pod concludes on BBC One on Thursday 9th January at 8pm, with a repeat on Sunday at 4.35pm.

The DVD and Blu-ray of the series will be released on Monday 17th February 2014