UK: Watch David Tennant's Guest Appearance In Fish Hooks This Morning

David Tennant's first guest appearance in the animated kids' series Fish Hooks premieres on the Disney Channel in the UK this morning.

David guest stars as Oscar's Brain in Live At The Hamsterwood Bowl from the third series of the show which follows the exploits of a trio of adolescent fish who live in a pet store aquarium. Oscar’s shouty and short-tempered brain generally steps in to offer advice when Oscar is dithering over his infatuation with Bea.

Fish Hooks (S3 E3) Live At The Hamsterwood Bowl
Disney Channel & Disney Channel HD - 8.05am 
(9.05  on Disney Channel+1)
Oscar's dream date with Bea is threatened when their friends tag along to hear him perform live.

Fish Hooks, created by Noah Z. Jones revolves around three adolescent fish: brothers Milo and Oscar and their friend Bea Goldfishberg. The show follows their lives at the Fresh Water High School, which is submerged in an aquarium in Bud’s Pet Shop. The series is produced using a characteristic mix of 2D digital animation and photo collages and the regular cast includes Kyle Massey, Chelsea Kane and Justin Roiland. The show premiered in 2010; however this series, its third, will be its last.