Pre-Order Now: Tenth Doctor Mr. Potato Head

Mr.Potato Head has undergone a bit of a transformation - or should that be a regeneration? Following on from the recently released Eleventh Doctor model, manufacturers Hasbro / Playskool have now announced a Tenth Doctor version of the classic toy.

Hop in the TARDIS with Mr. Potato Head as he pays homage to the last known survivor of "Galli-Fry", DOCTOR WHO in his light-hearted Tenth incarnation!

"A big ball of wibbly wobbly... timey wimey...mashed potato stuff!"

The Tenth Doctor Mr. Potato Head is expected in stores on 15th May. Click here to pre-order yours from Forbidden Planet for just £17.99, £2 less than the rrp of £19.99.

Forbidden Planet will ship to addresses overseas. Check their website for details.