Olivia Colman On Gracepoint: "I'm Not Annoyed"

Olivia Colman has used an interview session at the Sky Arts South Bank Awards yesterday to clear the air and quell rumours that she was annoyed about not being cast in Gracepoint, the American remake of the critically acclaimed ITV series Broadchurch. Her Broadchurch co-star David Tennant is leading the cast of Gracepoint, which begins shooting in Canada today, but the role of Ellie Miller was given to Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn.

Talking to numerous reporters, Olivia said, "This was a Q&A I did where - as a joke - I said, 'They never called me!' When you write that down - 'They never called me' - it sounds like you're pissed off.
"Sorry, at the moment it's a bugbear, because everyone has said, 'Are you really cross?' It never crossed my mind."

She also explained that her schedule would not have allowed her to take part anyway, even though she wouldn't have ruled out taking part if the chance had arisen: "But why does it matter? I don't know why everyone is so bothered by it. David Tennant is brilliant - but I'm working. It's an American show and they should cast American people. If it was a British show and we cast all Americans it would be wrong, wouldn't it? If they asked me to do something I'm sure it would be lovely. If it was a good script - it's warm and they pay well, so who wouldn't go?"

Olivia also spoke about the second series of Broadchurch, which goes into production in late spring. She confirmed that there is a script now: "Apparently, but we haven't seen it yet. Someone said maybe in a week, but that could be a complete lie! I've no idea."
Olivia confirmed that she would be taking part in the new series late last year, but, as with the first series, the production is veiled in secrecy.
"It's becoming unbearable now,” she said. “And I don't know and I'm always terrified if I think I do know something - am I meant to say anything? I don't know!"

Broadchurch scooped the TV Drama prize at the Sky Arts South Bank Awards yesterday, and Olivia was joined by cast and creatives including Andrew Buchan and Chris Chibnall to celebrate the show's latest win.

Gracepoint stars David Tennant as Emmett Carver, an American  detective based on the Broadchurch character of DI Alec Hardy. Chris Chibnall executive produces the US adaptation of his own UK series Broadchurch for Fox TV which has gone into production today. The ten part series is due to air as part of the 2014-15 season.

Source: Digital Spy


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