News On Sidney Waterfront Locations For Gracepoint

Victoria News have posted details about the Sidney Waterfront locations that will be used in the filming of Gracepoint for Fox TV, starring David Tennant, Anna Gunn and Nick Nolte. Presently, the former site of the Captain's Table and Mineral World in the small town on Vancouver Island, BC is undergoing a transformation into sets for Gracepoint morgue and police station.

The town also anticipates that the production will bring around 200 people to work in the area, with obvious benefits to the local economy and profile.

Michael Cronquist, of the Marker Group which owns the building, said the production company chose the location via the Vancouver Island South Film Commission as it suited the setting of the series.

“They liked the waterfront location of the building,” he said.

Local mayor Larry Cross said, “It’s a big production and it should bring some added economic activity to Sidney. I understand [Broadchurch] was very popular in England. I think this one (Gracepoint) will be successful here.”

Shooting is thought to begin in Sidney at the start of February and continue until May, with shooting on about five days a month in the town. Other locations include Oak Bay Village, where similar work is also underway to convert properties into sets for the production. 

Gracepoint is based closely on the UK TV series Broadchurch and follows the impact of the murder of a young boy on a small coastal community. David Tennant, star of the original, will reprise his role as the lead detective in the search for the killer. 

Source: Victoria News