New Doctor Who Toy Ranges Revealed At Toy Fair London Today

Both Character Options and Titan have revealed their new ranges of Doctor Who figures set for release in 2014. The new action figures were unveiled at Toy Fair 2014, the largest UK trade fair dedicated to toys which is talking place over three days at Kensington Olympia this week.

Titan Merchandise showed off their new lines of vinyl figures featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. The Geronimo! Collection features figures based on Doctor Who’s seventh season and the 50th Anniversary special, including the War Doctor, a Zygon and Strax characters.

The Gallifrey Collection features David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in the orange spacesuit, Rose Tyler, a Dalek and a Tardis with “Bad Wolf” spray-painted onto it.

They also revealed 6.5 inch tall vinyl figures of the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor as he appears in the Season 7. The range will also include new Dalek models.

The Geronimo! Collection is scheduled for June, while the Gallifrey Collection will be released in August. The 6.5 inch figures are expected sometime in 2014 but a retail date has not been specified.

Character Options will release some new additions to their range of 3.75 action figures. The brand new set of seven figures is based around the 50th anniversary and Christmas specials and will include the Twelfth Doctor, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, companion Clara Oswald, a Zygon, an Assault Dalek and an Imperial Guard Dalek. The first wave is expected in stores for June 2014, with other characters added as series 8 airs later in the year.

For a closer look at the new figures check out the photos on the Doctor Who Site