Gracepoint Star Kendrick Sampson Talks To Anthem Magazine

Newly cast Gracepoint actor Kendrick Sampson has been talking to culture magazine Anthem about his new role in the crime drama. Gracepoint follows the impact surrounding the murder of an eleven year old boy in a tiny Californian town. The event series starts shooting on Vancouver Island, BC on 28th January with a cast that also includes David Tennant, Anna Gunn and Nick Nolte.

"I’ll be playing a character named Dean Iverson," Kendrick explains. "As far as what I know I can say, Dean works part-time at his uncle’s restaurant to pay for college. He’s dating Chloe, the daughter of the father of the boy who the mystery is surrounding in town. I believe I can tell you that…I’m not sure if his last name was Iverson in the original show, but his first name was Dean." 

Gracepoint is based on the highly successful UK series Broadchurch. Kendrick says, "They’re sticking to the story pretty faithfully. The creator of Broadchurch wrote the first episode of Gracepoint. And, of course, they’re bringing David Tennant over from the original, which is amazing. They’re sticking to a lot of the same story. The only thing different from what I understand is the ending. They’re also extending the season by two episodes as opposed to the eight episodes Broadchurch had. So there will be some differences, new twists and things. But Dean will be the same."

Of his casting and preparation for the role he says, "It was pretty unexpected and abnormal. I had one audition and they cast me. That’s not normally how it goes at all. It was very short and fast. Usually, the process is pretty extensive.With Gracepoint, I think I’ll have more time to prepare than usual. We have such an incredible cast that I think they will be more mindful of giving us time to prepare. I’m not going to say that I don’t need the time, but honestly, the scripts that I’ve read have been great. Everything falls into place."

Source: Anthem Magazine

Gracepoint shoots between January and May this year and is expected to premiere as part of Fox's 2014-15 season.