Catherine Tate On Why David Tennant Should Be Named Detective Of The Year

This week's issue of the Radio Times takes a look at the shortlist for the National Television Awards and focuses on the new Detective Of The Year category which sees David Tennant nominated for his role as DI Alec Hardy in Broadchurch.

David's friend and Doctor Who co star Catherine Tate puts forward her arguments for why he should be crowned Detective Of The Year:
"David has a lightness of touch that makes even the most complex ideas or the densest of texts feel effortless and accessible. He combines this mercurial deftness with an unflinching search for the truth in every role that he plays, and doesn't shy away from uncomfortable choices. He is also incredibly funny and not in the least bit fussy about what he eats, which for me is what sets him apart from others. Unless you offer him a fish pie, in which case he will become embarrassingly like a diva and demand a meat lasagne instead. True story."

The full article which looks at all of the nominees in the category is in the new issue of the Radio Times which is out now.