Catch Up With Dolphins: Spy On The Pod On BBC iPlayer

If you missed the second installment of Dolphins: Spy In The Pod on BBC One tonight, the programme is now available to UK viewers via BBC iPlayer. 

David Tennant narrates the latest spectacular wildlife film from John Downer Productions in which a new breed of innovative spy cameras goes underwater to bring unique footage of dolphins in the wild. In this episode, watch young males seeking a new best friend, a pod of bottlenose dolphins geeting high on pufferfish secretions, and stunning footage of orca hunting sealions. We learn that dolphins wear sponges as a bizarre type of nose hat and that even spy cams have their natural enemies.

Watch episode 2 on BBC iPlayer here

The epsiode is available until Thursday 16th January.

Episode 1 is also still available to view again

Dolphins: Spy In The Pod will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 17th February 2014
Click here to pre-order the DVD
Click here to pre-order the Blu-ray


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