AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND RELEASE: Doctor Who: The Best Of The Doctor Documentaries

BBC worldwide release a 3 disc DVD set of the BBC America Doctor Who documentaries in Australia and New Zealand today. 
The Region 4 DVDs will include:

Doctor Who: The Best of the Doctor
Doctor Who: The Best of the Monsters
Doctor Who: The Best of the Companions
Doctor Who: The Best of the Christmas Specials
Doctor Who: The Science of Doctor Who
Doctor Who: The Women of Doctor Who
Doctor Who: The Timey Wimey of Doctor Who
Doctor Who: The Destinations of Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Doctor Who in America

BBC Worldwide say:
Discover whole new worlds behind three of your favourite Doctors: Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Immerse yourself in a total celebration of all that is Doctor Who! These unique documentaries explore Doctor Who through the ideas and moments that make the series such an unforgettable experience. Be awed by the artistry and imagination of the series' most iconic monsters, take an in-depth look at the Time Lord's trusty companions Amy, Rory and River Song, gather a new perspective on the perplexing and confounding paradoxes of time travel; and venture beyond the known universe for extra surprises, facts and theories that could fill the TARDIS.

A must-have for every fan, this collection will expand your knowledge and increase your appreciation for the universe of Doctor Who.

You can buy the collection online here.