VIDEO: Watch A Clip From Dolphins - Spy In The Pod Narrated By David Tennant

David Tennant narrates the new two-part series from John Downer Productions, Dolphins: Spy In The Pod, which comes to BBC One in January. BBC One have released a preview clip featuring one of the many spy cameras used to film the fascinating marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Spy Turtle can film above and below the water to capture a unique perspective on the dolphins' lives.

Dolphins - Spy In The Pod
The award-winning team behind Penguins - Spy in the Huddle use hidden cameras to go into the heart of the dolphins' world, offering the chance to encounter dolphins up-close. The camera eyes of thirteen different 'Spy Creatures', including Spy Dolphin, Spy Nautilus and Spy Turtle, allow behaviour to be captured that has never been filmed before

Watch episode 1 on Thursday 2nd January on BBC One at 8.00pm GMT