USA: Watch Earthflight 3D on 3Net Tonight

A new special from John Downer Productions premieres tonight on 3Net in the USA. Following on from the highly successful 6 part series Earthflight, Earthflight 3D is a 90 minute special filmed in 3D with a new commentary from David Tennant. The film picks up from where the series left off  to take viewers on a special journey over our planet in the company of birds. We see the seasons change, witness the most amazing events in nature and journey from the warm topics to the frozen north. Filmed using specialised and innovative camera techniques to give an up close perspective like no other, Earthflight 3D contains new and unique imagery to give an exclusive look at the world through the eyes of birds.

Earthflight 3D premieres on 3Net tonight at 21.00 ET

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