Olivia Colman On Her Incredible Year, Broadchurch And Broadchurch 2

Olivia Colman features in today's Observer as one of the paper's Faces of 2013, where the headline makers of the past year talk about the highs and lows of their time in the spotlight. It has been an amazing year for Olivia: not only has she picked up two BAFTAs (for Twenty Twelve and Accused) she has also made appearances in a number of critically acclaimed TV dramas and films, including, of course, the internationally successful Broadchurch alongside David Tennant.

From The Observer
But 2013 was the year of Broadchurch, too: ITV's huge surprise hit, in which she co-starred with David Tennant as DS Ellie Miller, a police officer on the trail of a child killer in a small seaside town. Did she know it would be so successful?

"No. Once you start wondering if something is going to be popular, you're taking the work on for the wrong reasons. I liked the fact that my character was strong, she'd worked her way up, she was funny. But then, it was all done so well. I loved the way the excitement was able to build, a whole week between each episode, no secrets revealed, not even to us.

"It was just as television used to be: when we all spent a week wondering if Ross and Rachel were going to kiss in Friends or waiting for Colin Firth's Mr Darcy." Colman will begin filming a second series of Broadchurch in May, but is keeping mum so far as plot goes. "All I can tell you is that where Chris [Chibnall, its writer] is going with it does make sense."