Gracepoint: Anna Gunn Talks About Her Role As Ellie Miller

Michael Ausiello of TV Line has spoken to Anna Gunn, star of Gracepoint,the US remake of Broadchurch, on how similar her take on Detective Ellie Miller will be to the performance by Olivia Colman in the UK original. In his Ask Ausiello feature he reports that she responded, 

“I really just honestly sealed the deal a couple of days ago, so we haven’t gotten into those kinds of details yet. But definitely they want me to put my own stamp on [Ellie].”

Original series creator Chris Chibnall will be overseeing the remake as executive producer and has already written the first of its ten episodes. The story will be similar, again centred around the discovery of a murdered boy under the cliffs of a small coastal town, but the action is transferred to North California. David Tennant is reprising his role as lead investigator, but his character will now be an American detective called Emmett Carver. The cast will also include Jacki Weaver as Susan Wright, Kevin Rankin as Paul Coates and Virginia Kull as Beth Lassiter.

Dan Futterman and Anya Epstein (In Treatment), Shine America’s Carolyn Bernstein (The Bridge) and Kudos’ Jane Featherstone (The Hour) will also be executive producing the event series which goes into production in Vancouver and Santa Cruz in late January 2014. Additionally, James Strong, one of the directors of Broadchurch has signed on to helm a number of episodes of Gracepoint.

“I feel like we are in very, very good hands,” Anna Gunn concludes. “We have an excellent team. Everybody knows just what they’re doing.”

Gracepoint is expected to air on Fox in the 2014-15 season.

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Source: TV Line