David Tennant Review Of 2013: September - October

The year turns towards autumn and David makes his long-awaited return to the RSC at Stratford-upon-Avon. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary grows ever closer and there's a surprise for those who questioned the Fox remake of Broadchurch.


There's a first look at David's new series The Escape Artist as BBC One release their latest Original British Drama trailer

Digital Spy call the drama one of the must-see shows of the autumn.
The DVD artwork and extras are announced and new promotional shots are released

The Politician's Husband premiered in Finland
There was success for Broadchurch in the TV Choice Awards: Both David and the series were winners, although Olivia Colman lost out to Miranda Hart (Call The Midwife). The ceremony was attended by David, Olivia, Chris Chibnall, Jodie Whittaker and Andrew Buchan.

Broadchurch was also nominated in the National Television and TV Times Awards.
David, Olivia, Chris Chibnall, Richard Stokes and James Strong all recorded audio commentaries for the Blu-ray release in November. This month, broadcasts of the drama began in Finland, Russia and across Latin America via OnDIRECTV. As the series reached its climax in the USA Chris Chibnall gave an in-depth interview to Entertainment Weekly.

Digital Spy poll voted David the favourite Doctor.
The BBC released official promo posters for the Doctor Who anniversary special, and also the title: The Day Of The Doctor

Steven Moffat accepted a special TV Choice award for Doctor Who which was presented to him by Peter Davison and David.

Catherine Tate joined David for the BFI Doctor Who At 50 Tenth Doctor screening on the 29th September along with Graeme Harper and Phil Collinson. The public got the first glimpse of David's hair extensions which he would be wearing for the duration of his run in Richard II. The Radio Times later published photos of the event

UK satellite channel Watch announced that they were to air the BBC America series The Doctors Revisited. The 2003 animated Doctor Who adventure Scream Of The Shalka, featuring David in a small role, was released On DVD. David returned to voice Oscar's Brain in a second episode of Fish Hooks, which premiered in the USA on 27th September. He also voiced Twigs in the new DVD Tree Fu Tom: Time For Tree Fu. As the John Downer produced series Penguins: Spy In The Huddle began an Australian run, it was announced that David would narrate a new programme, Dolphins: Spy In The Pod which would premiere on BBC One near Christmas.

Rehearsal photos were released by What's On Stage and the Royal Shakespeare Company
The RSC continued to release production diary videos of the preparations for Richard II:
Emma Hamilton - The Queen
Cast visit to Westminster Hall
There was also a cinematic trailer narrated by Michael Pennington (John of Gaunt). 
Gregory Doran referred to David Tennant as "One of the hardest working actors I know" and Emma Hamilton called him "A delight".
Live Richard II cinema screening dates and venues were announced for the USA, Sweden, Russia, Malta and Canada and registration opened for the free UK schools broadcast. 
Dates for the London theatre run at the Barbican sold out.
An animated version of David helped to promote the Young Shakespeare Nation scheme for the RSC:

It was announced that the Postman Pat movie, featuring the voices of David, Stephen Mangan, Rupert Grint and Jim Broadbent, would now be released on 23rd May 2014.

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang audiobook read by David was released
The Destiny Of The Doctor: Death's Deal Tenth Doctor audiobook read by Catherine Tate was released

David attended a screening of the movie of the Proclaimers musical Sunshine On Leith. He was interviewed here and also spoke to website It's Kinda Cool with Jonathan Ross and Arabella Weir



It was officially Tenth Doctor Month in the countdown to the 50th Anniversary celebrations. 
BBC Worldwide confirmed that The Day Of The Doctor would be simulcast to over 75 countries worldwide and would also be streamed into cinemas around the world. Joanna Page confirmed that she would be playing Queen Elizabeth I in the special and Steven Moffat hinted at John Hurt's role as 'the Doctor that no-one talks about'. He also told that there was friction between the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, but that Matt and David themselves got on 'like a couple of old women'.  

Space in Canada announced that they would be screening the Doctors Revisited series. Watch in the UK started to air the series along with a new documentary, Doctor Who Explained, to which David also contributed. BBC America premiered the Tenth Doctor Doctors Revisited special.
David and The Escape Artist creator David Wolstencroft appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the drama

The BBC released a trailer for The Escape Artist and a full media pack featuring photos and interviews with the cast and creatives. The series aired from 29th October on BBC One.

The drama featured in the UK press: click here and here and David was interviewed here. The series was a ratings winner for the night of broadcast. Red Arrow International took the series to promote at MIPCOM in Cannes and it was subsequently announced that it would be aired in Norway and Sweden.

Broadchurch began in Belgium and sales were announced for Africa, China, Israel and Iceland. There was more awards success, this time at the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards, where David, Olivia, Andrew Buchan and the series itself all won Golden Daggers. David was absent but sent a video acceptance speech:

Broadchurch was also nominated for a Writer's Guild Award. 
The audio commentaries for the Blu-ray revealed a number of facts: click here to find out what they were. It was also revealed that the show was originally planned as a trilogy.
A novelisation of Broadchurch was announced for 2014 which would be co-written by Erin Kelly and Chris Chibnall.
Fox announced that David Tennant would be starring in the US adaptation of Broadchurch, now renamed Gracepoint as an American detective based on his original role of Alec Hardy.
David returned to Berk as he voiced Spitelout once again for a new episode of Dreamworks Dragons: Defenders Of Berk. Race To Fireworm Island premiered on 17th October on Cartoon Network.
Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Snow featuring David as Twigs was released on DVD

Richard II opened for previews in Stratford-upon-Avon on 10th October with the press night on 17th October. The first photos were released of David Tennant as Richard II. The play opened to great acclaim

The RSC continued to document production via their video diaries while John Wyver of Illuminations blogged weekly about the preparations for the live cinema stream. David Tennant and Gregory Doran appeared on BBC Radio 4's Front Row to talk about the play: download the podcast here. They also spoke to The Independent
Cast member Elliot Barnes-Worrell, blogging for the RSC, said of David:
"Working with David Tennant is like being in a whirlwind, his energy is infectious and unrelenting, trying new things, and adapting to change. His work ethic is admirable. I often find myself excited to see what he tries next. He tries out a new idea… it doesn't work, he tries something else, it works, he changes it, he changes it again, experimenting, molding, and enjoying playing. As a newbie in the RSC watching him, and playing with him gives me courage, the courage to find new things, to get it completely and utterly wrong, acknowledge that and try again. David brings a freedom into the rehearsal room that liberates me and makes me try harder."
Venues were announced for cinema broadcasts to Australia, Germany and Ireland
A CD of music and speeches from the play was released, featuring David performing 'Of comfort no man speak'


How To Steal A Dragon's Sword read by David was made available for download

David read Brush Up Your Shakespeare on BBC Radio Berkshire for National Poetry Day. Listen here.