David Tennant-Narrated Wildlife Documentaries Feature In BBC Christmas Lineup

There's good news for fans of the stunning wildlife documentaries by John Downer Productions as the BBC will be revisiting some of their earlier titles narrated by David Tennant over Christmas. A brand new series, Dolphins: Spy Of The Pod, also launches on BBC One in the New Year. 

Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice
Spy cameras get the viewer closer than ever before to the world's greatest land predator, following the polar bears of Svalbard as they hunt, court and raise their young.
Watch Polar Bear: Spy On The Ice on Thursday 26th December at 8.00pm GMT on BBC Four. There is an edited repeat on Wednesday 1st January at 11.55am on BBC One

David Tennant narrates a breathtaking six-part series that uses a variety of filming techniques to get up close to flocks of birds around the world and to capture amazing aerial footage.
Watch Earthflight on BBC Two as follows:

Episode 1 - North America - Thursday 26th December   9.35am GMT
Episode 2 - Africa - Friday 27th December   10.30am GMT
Episode 3 - Europe - Monday 30th December   10.00am GMT
Episode 4 - South America - Tuesday 31st December   10.00am GMT
Episode 5 - Asia & Australia - Thursday 2nd January   10.00am GMT
Episode 6 - Flying High - Friday 3rd January   10.00am GMT

Dolphins: Spy In The Pod
The new two-part documentary uses inventive underwater techniques to observe fascinating dolphin behaviour in the wild. David Tennant once again narrates.
Watch episode one on BBC One at 8.00pm GMT on Thursday 2nd January.