David Tennant In The Dramatic TV Moments Of 2013

The Huffington Post list three David Tennant appearances in their list of the eleven Most Dramatic TV Moments of 2013, with Broadchurch topping the list.

1. Who killed Danny Latimer?

David Tennant scored a hat-trick, with his place in the top spot, as he uncovered the Broadchurch culprit - far too close to home. In another triumph of non-boxset telly, the nation stayed glued, week after week, with the double-whammy of Tennant and Olivia Colman, the beach of secrets, and all the usual suspects.

9. Day of the Doctor

Another David Tennant moment, as Doctor Who celebrated his 50th birthday with the help of four Time Lords (including welcome surprise Tom Baker), a load of in-jokes, a completely mind-boggling tangential plot that's got proper Whovians still scratching their heads, and a record-breaking global audience, all watching at the same time. Who said network telly was dead?

11. The Politician's Husband

National treasure David Tennant proved he could be thoroughly, disturbingly unpleasant when he turned on his wife (Emily Watson), just because she proved to be a better political player. And when their battles lines were crossed horribly in the bedroom, well, it stopped being about politics and became about just what harm can be done in the confines of a marriage.