Bid For A Birthday Card Designed By David Tennant To Raise Funds For The MS Society

David Tennant has designed a birthday card to raise funds for the MS Society.
You can bid for the card on eBay here.

Cards for a Cause: raising vital funds for MS research
A one-of-a-kind birthday card hand-drawn by actor David Tennant. The card is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr Tennant. 
The front of the card features a hand-drawn sketch of a birthday balloon in black and silver pen.
This one-off card would make an incredible birthday gift for an admirer of David Tennant, one of the UK's most popular actors, and a must-have collector's item for any fan of Doctor Who. Mr Tennant has very generously created this exclusive card to raise awareness of MS and vital funds for the MS Society's ground-breaking research programme.
The card measures 21cm x 15cm. The inside left is blank with 'Happy Birthday' printed on the inside right. The back cover features the MS Society's 60th anniversary logo and charity details.
The card is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, completed and signed by Mr Tennant. The certificate is printed on embossed paper and also measures 21cm x 15cm.

About Cards for a Cause
To mark the MS Society's 60th anniversary in 2013, famous names were invited to create a unique birthday card featuring the design of their choice. This is one of more than 30 cards hand-made by artists and celebrities to be auctioned to raise vital funds for the MS Society's pioneering research programme. In buying a card from the Cards for a Cause auction you are helping give hope to all those affected of a life free of the effects of multiple sclerosis. Thank you so much.

About MS
100,000 people live with multiple sclerosis in the UK. Most people are diagnosed in their 20s and 30s, and it affects almost three times as many women as men. MS can get steadily worse, or remain unpredictable throughout your life - one day you can be fine, the next you might lose your sight or be unable to move. There is currently no cure for MS and few effective treatments. The MS Society is funding world-class research with the real potential to beat MS for good.